you fell for my trick


now look at my garry's mod pacs

SYSTEM::'incoming datastream'


Created ~1/1/24


IMAGE::'gakvu pac'

A player in Garry's Mod, who looks like Gakvu. The physgun is colored black and cyan to match Gakvu.


its her! gakvu!

to be honest, I originally planned to make a pac for EACH obesk
and maybe I will eventually! but, for now, it's gonna just be gakvu


the poncho can be flipped on and off
and, thanks to a bunch of help from MOZZ on discord, you can also summon spikes of corru!

IMAGE::'gakvu poncho and spike animations'

A gif of the Gakvu player opening a menu and selecting PUNCTURE. A spike made of corru emerges from the ground. Both the spike and Gakvu's poncho have animated textures.


yes, the spike does damage


(and again, all the mechanical stuff was done by MOZZ!! - I just made it a bit prettier)

IMAGE::'corru.observer themed toolgun'

A toolgun colored black-and-cyan to match Gakvu's colors. The toolgun's screen is replaced with a screenshot of the BSTRD fight.




did you know toolguns are made of FOUR textures?
that's just too many to be quite honest.


Created ~1/12/24

Sunshower EGO Corrosion

IMAGE::'sunshower corrosion pac'

A player in Garry's Mod, who looks like a fox wearing a white coat with its hood up. Three mangled umbrellas have been stabbed handle-first through their back.


who ever said I had to put FINISHED pacs here?
and boy, is this one unfinished


because I've never really done a furry pac before, even just figuring out the shape is difficult. And, while the sprops mod has good shapes... it also has REALLY, REALLY BAD uv mapping. I genuinely do not know how their UV maps can be so bad short of deliberatey scrambling them.


worst of all?
this thing WILL need custom animations eventually

I do not like pac3's animation editor.

SYSTEM::'end of datastream'


alright, dumb stuff aside: the CSS from this page straight up rips some chunks out of corru.observer's CSS


GO PLAY CORRU.OBSERVER!!! it is so fucking good