About Leslie Fish

Never meet your heroes, I guess.

For those who don't know, Leslie Fish is a popular filk singer, known for things like Carmen Miranda's Ghost and It's Sister Jenny's Turn To Throw The Bomb.
If you got into filk, it was almost certainly because of her.

When she was making these songs, she was extremely anarchist and leftist. She marched against vietnam, she marched for things like gay rights and unions.
She still claims she's an anarchist today. Frankly, she's full of shit.

Today, she believes immigrants are evil and so is welfare. She believes America's borders should be sealed shut, and that trans people are evil serial killers who want to molest kids.
Even though she fought for gay rights, she believes being proud of being gay is horrible. She thinks you should hide it like a "respectable" person.

I'm disappointed.

I'm disappointed that someone I looked up to so much would just turn her back on those beliefs she'd sung so much about.

It really is just "fuck you, got mine" isn't it?
Her family were immigrants too. But it's okay, because hers were the "good" immigrants, nothing like those nasty brown people mexicans!
She herself is bisexual, and she marched for gay rights! But the moment there was a hint of progress, she's gone, now spending her time swinging down at the same people she fought side-by-side with.
She still calls herself an anarchist to this day. What sort of "anarchist" thinks the state should have an even stronger monopoly on violence than it already does? That its borders should be walled off and patrolled with lethal force?

It's really taking every bit of restraint I've got to not pull out much stronger language.

It will be a while until I update this page again.


I will be first to admit that, at the end of the day? I know barely anything about filking.
I wasn't there when it was at its peak, and I don't know about any current-day communities for it.

But, I do know that there's a lot of old websites for it that're still around. And I do know that they're very vulnerable to link rot, and that there's not an easy way to find them.

So, I want to gather all the ones I can find here!

There's missing links!

I'll probably get to it eventually! And if not, feel free to contact me wherever I am.

(Or, if you're not on any of those places, I'm also on discord at pitaden#4368)

Who cares about some dead websites?

I do.

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