The odyssey had a purpose...

... this website doesn't, though!

But until I do, here's stuff to check out:

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There will be another neocities page at some point. For now, I'm stealing this one!

As short as possible: there's now two nerds. (&.) We're going through it.

Where I'm At!

I don't use tumblr anymore, but for the sake of archival, that's over here.

Here's all the places I am, vaguely ordered by how active I'll be!

Current Brain Fungi

Sometimes, my head dictates that I will rotate things at absurd speeds in my brain. These are the sorts of things I'm doing that with.

Limbus Company

The brain fungus has receded on this one, for the most part. returned. I'm not writing thousands-of-words character analysis about Outis anymore writing insane ramblings about how suspicious Don Quixote is at 3am. (also, I feel very vindicated that Magic Bullet Outis confirmed a lot of my speculations!

It's very cool, and it's still what all the main pages are based off of.


Short for Player Appearance Customizer 3, Pac3 is an addon for Garry's Mod that lets you do... whatever the hell you want, really. I cannot understate just how much you can do in it. Want to put a hat on your head? Yep! Want to recreate the entirety of Malenia from Elden Ring, including her full moveset complete with sounds and effects and damage? That's beyond my power, but it's been done!

If you want to see stuff I've done with it recently, I've even got a page about it over here!


It is absolutely criminal that isn't more well known. While I will try not to spoil anything: the gist is, you are part of an organization studying alien technologies. Your job is to explore a recently-recovered artifact through your mindspike. It starts off as basically website exploration, but as you progress, it unfolds. A lot.

Coincidentally, I also have a page about it! (It's the same page as the pac3, and can be found here!)

Time to Orbit: Unknown

Time to Orbit: Unknown is a web series about a spaceship where everything goes FINE and NOT BAD. Everything's normal.

HOWEVER. I must warn you: if you start reading it, you will lose all track of time, and you will suddenly hear birds chirping and see the sun rising.

And of course, if you want an actual plot summary first: the story follows Aspen Greaves, a writer and sociologist aboard a ship set to colonize a very distant planet. He's woken up by the ship's AI which has tasked him with the goal of repairing the ship's damage. And as he does so, he realizes there's a LOT of weird shit going on.

Blinkies I've Made!

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Blinkies I Like!

blinkie: I feel violated by corporate invasion on my attention span blinkie: I love the internet archive blinkie: use firefox blinkie: install ublock origin blinkie: I love piracy! blinkie: Gay Amogus?! blinkie: the arirals stole my shit
blinkie: World of Warcraft blinkie:
gif of jerma dancing (badly)
stamp: I support open-source software stamp: terfs eat my fat nuts stamp: LSD Dream Emulator stamp: let me get a fuckin uhh... stamp. literally, just the word stamp. stamp: the nefarious anglerfish - a cat's head poking out of a cat tower, with its tail dangling out from above its head
stamp: walter white, with an incorrect caption that says half-life
stamp: This is an anti-nft site
gif of a red skeleton with wings attacking
gif of an entire spongebob episode

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